Kernel: [GB] Bricked-Kernel||v1.5|OC@1914/192

Kernel: [GB] Bricked-Kernel||v1.5|OC@1914/192

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Ta kernel se uporablja na GB SENSE ROM-ih!!!

Default clocks: 1536Mhz max / 192Mhz min
OverClockable till 1914Mhz !NOT ALL DEVICES CAN HANDLE THIS!
GPU Overclock @ 300Mhz (maximum on most devices)
L2 Performance Boost only @ 1536Mhz (original by faux123) (for stability reasons)

Je najboljši in najbolj zanesljiv kernel za Sense ROM-e. OC je možen med 192~1914MHz vendar tekoče in normalno deluje do 1782MHz

Vedno naredi backup ROM-a preden prvič flashas ziher ;)

Koda: Izberi vse
* based on HTCs-2.3.4-Sources
* Too many ARM optimizations to count ;)
* Built with highest Optimization Level (O3)
* Strongly improved UI-performance (Quote: "Smoother than butter")
* KGSL Early Suspend drivers (should save battery)
* KGSL Turbo Mode
* Increased 3D-Performance
* Reduced power usage, 5 stages GPU scaling!
* UTF8 encoding (included for CIFS)
* wifi pm=fast
* Tweaked ondemand governor (reacts a lot faster)
* Undervoltage
* Overclocking to 1536Mhz default (max. 1914Mhz)
* Min Clock @ 192Mhz default
* Synchronous Multicore Threading
* Boot time optimization. CPU will have max clocks during boot to ensure a fast bootup
* Blazing fast with InsertCoin
* added smartassv2 as optional governor
* tweaked smartassv2 to fit pyramid OC clocks
* 2D-Performance Boost
* Flashlight and Camera-Flash will now be useable until battery reaches 15%
* Tree-based preemptible RCU
* Fast scheduler for CPU hotplug
* improved 3D performance
* optimized preemptive settings
* basic NTFS support
* Userspace driven configuration filesystem
* Allow CPU-supported unaligned accesses (faster than doing it by software)
* sysfs interface for mfreq
* Scaling_Available_Frequencies in cpufreq sysfs interface
* Global CPU Voltage table used for adjusting voltage table for SnapDragon Dual Core. Inspired by Snq- modified by faux123 for SnapDragon fixed by show-p1984
* Up2date Wifi driver
* Improved Mobile Connection (fixed possible freezes introduced by HTC)
* Updated USB driver
* Let MMFPB drop to 27MHz when processor power-collapsed (by Matt Wagantall)
* hotplug notifications for CPU, L2, bus, voltage (by Matt Wagantall)
* ~8% Undervolted till 1536Mhz
* Increased Voltage for higher clocks to run stable @ 1536Mhz++
* L2 Performance Push @ 1536Mhz (Original by faux123)
* Adreno220 OC mode @ 300Mhz when max scaled (Scaling is still automatic)
* Overclock till 1914Mhz possible. ALL FREQUENCIES ABOVE 1782Mhz ARE CONSIDERED UNSTABLE!
--(I don't want to increase Voltage any further, this will increase the risk of burning your cpu. So if it is unstable, choose a lower clock!)
* Let cpu1 jump in faster. (shouldn't affect battery but decreases lag some users were experiencing)
* Tweaked ondemand to raise frequencies with higher load only (should contribute to battery life)
* removed redundant code, has led to slower performance
* Create private workqueue for cpu frequency changes, speeds up things
* Increased writing performance (lowers that annoying lag when updating 2 apps at the same time)
* added 1080p playback optimization
* Increased GPU memory
* increased overall L2 frequencies, were bottlenecking
* included call rec support, yeah that's right, you can record calls now!
* Improved WIFI - WLAN detection
* CPU temperature @ /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp
* Lowered wifi-voltage (cayniarb)
* Updated firmware memory size (Leedroid)
* added lib: Improved the performance of memcpy and memmove of the general version (Arne Coucheron)
* USB: read/write performance & detection enhancement (Chiranjeevi, Velempati)
* cleaned code, improved performance
* Dropped debug code, was slowing things down

Koda: Izberi vse
***** v1.5 *****
* This is still compatible with Sense 3.0 & Sense 3.5. So don't ask ;)
* Removed audio idle wakelocks. (should increase battery life while listening to music)
* fixed two memleaks
* New toolchain gcc 4.6 linaro
   -> A newer compiler usually produces more efficient code and detects more code fails
* Fixed tons and tons and tons of code errors. snq- helped a lot.
* Improved CPU sleep states (moar savingz!)
* msm: add dimmed capacitive LEDs
* removed notification LED timer
* changed min/max panel brightness
* msm: scm: update from upstream
* msm: cpufreq: set safe default min and max speeds for boot (1536/192)
* msm: kgsl: Don't check for idle while suspended
* msm: xo: Add NULL pointer and error pointer check
* arm: vfp/nwfpe: updates
* Deleted useless cpu check.
* xz: Fix missing <linux/kernel.h> include
****Due to many requests, here you got it:****
* drivers: staging: CLEANCACHE (Backport from linux-3.1)
* drivers: staging: CLEANCACHE updated (Oct 24, 2011)
* drivers: staging: ZRAM (Backport from linux-3.1)
* drivers: staging: ZRAM swap size set to 120MB
* drivers: staging: ZRAM updated to version 0.7 (Apr 27, 2011)
* drivers: staging: ZRAM: modified to try to get as much 'free' ram as possible. **look below**
---fixed ZRAM *device conflict once again
* Bash magic for the install script to let you just install it, without any configuration. Install zip, done!
* drivers: staging: zram: prevent null pointer error
* arm: mach-msm: Updated rpcrouter to linux-3.1
---This will (hopefully) fix all rpc crashes.
---Mostly surfacing while using the camera/youtube
* drivers: kgsl: code fixups
* Revert "msm: kgsl: Delay 30ms to make sure GPU is ready during resume time"
---Tests have shown that 30ms are not enough on the pyramid.
---It should only take the GPU 10ms at max, but sometimes the GPU will hang even with 30ms.
---Increasing this to the old value (50ms) seems to solve this problem.
* built with PPP support for sync tty ports
* Makefile: Optimizing build-options for linaro-compilers & armv7
* Makefile: built with -funroll-loops instead of -funswitch-loops.
* built with O3
* arm: mach-msm: corrected assembler register fail for thumb2
* various code fixups for O3
* setup: scripts: Changed 90zram script to use busybox, this will fix auto zram start for roms with no symlinks set =/
* setup: scripts: Made 90zram script more verbose, so it will tell you if it has a problem ^^

****drivers: staging: ZRAM: modified to try to get as much 'free' ram as possible.****
This means that it will try to deposit any not used pages (background) into the ZRAM to create as much free RAM as possible.
You may have 70megs in your ZRAM after bootup. This is normal. Check your 'free' ram ;)
<<<<Camfix from 1.4 still valid.>>>>

If you want to see the magic happen:

cat /sys/kernel/mm/cleancache/*
cat /sys/block/zram0/*

***** v1.4r1 *****
* This is now compatible with Sense 3.0 & Sense 3.5.
* Flash camfix-for-v1.4 to get full cam support with the new
* sense 3.5 & amaze cam. (Except Burst)
Changes from v1.4:
* Runs now on Sense 3.0 as well as on Sense 3.5
* Improved Jhash
* reverted Framebuffer changes, this was causing one of the issues with Sense 3.0
* drivers: video: kgsl: readded ringbuffer poweroverrides, rewrote for better performance


Če karkoli downloadaš in uporabljaš si vzemi sekundo časa in pritisni gumb hvala. Toliko, da vem, da ni moj trud zaman ;) HVALA

Bricked v1.5

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