Kernel:[GB] Bricked_XE-Kernel-AOSP||v1.6|OC@1914

Kernel:[GB] Bricked_XE-Kernel-AOSP||v1.6|OC@1914

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Ta kernel se uporablja na GB AOSP ROM-ih kot so CM7, MIUI.....

Default clocks: 1536Mhz max / 192Mhz min
OverClockable till 1914Mhz !NOT ALL DEVICES CAN HANDLE THIS!
GPU Overclock @ 300Mhz (maximum on most devices)
L2 Performance Boost only @ 1536Mhz (original by faux123) (for stability reasons)

Po mojih izkušnjah je najboljši in najbolj zanesljiv. OC 192~1914MHz vendar tekoče in normalno deluje do 1782MHz

Vedno naredi backup ROM-a preden prvič flashas ziher ;)

Koda: Izberi vse
* based on CM7 Kernel
* Too many ARM optimizations to count ;)
* Built with highest Optimization Level (O3)
* Strongly improved UI-performance (Quote: "Smoother than butter")
* Increased 3D-Performance
* Reduced power usage, 5 stages GPU scaling!
* UTF8 encoding (included for CIFS)
* wifi pm=fast
* Tweaked ondemand governor (reacts a lot faster)
* Undervoltage
* Overclocking to 1536Mhz default (max. 1914Mhz)
* Min Clock @ 192Mhz default
* Synchronous Multicore Threading
* Boot time optimization. CPU will have max clocks during boot to ensure a fast bootup
* Blazing fast with InsertCoin
* added smartassv2 as optional governor
* tweaked smartassv2 to fit pyramid OC clocks
* 2D-Performance Boost
* Flashlight and Camera-Flash will now be useable until battery reaches 15%
* Tree-based preemptible RCU
* Fast scheduler for CPU hotplug
* improved 3D performance
* optimized preemptive settings
* basic NTFS support
* Userspace driven configuration filesystem
* Allow CPU-supported unaligned accesses (faster than doing it by software)
* sysfs interface for mfreq
* Scaling_Available_Frequencies in cpufreq sysfs interface
* Global CPU Voltage table used for adjusting voltage table for SnapDragon Dual Core. Inspired by Snq- modified by faux123 for SnapDragon fixed by show-p1984
* Up2date Wifi driver
* Improved Mobile Connection (fixed possible freezes introduced by HTC)
* Updated USB driver
* Let MMFPB drop to 27MHz when processor power-collapsed (by Matt Wagantall)
* hotplug notifications for CPU, L2, bus, voltage (by Matt Wagantall)
* ~8% Undervolted till 1536Mhz
* Increased Voltage for higher clocks to run stable @ 1536Mhz++
* L2 Performance Push @ 1536Mhz (Original by faux123)
* Adreno220 OC mode @ 300Mhz when max scaled (Scaling is still automatic)
* Overclock till 1914Mhz possible. ALL FREQUENCIES ABOVE 1782Mhz ARE CONSIDERED UNSTABLE!
--(I don't want to increase Voltage any further, this will increase the risk of burning your cpu. So if it is unstable, choose a lower clock!)
* Let cpu1 jump in faster. (shouldn't affect battery but decreases lag some users were experiencing)
* Tweaked ondemand to raise frequencies with higher load only (should contribute to battery life)
* removed redundant code, has led to slower performance
* Create private workqueue for cpu frequency changes, speeds up things
* Increased writing performance (lowers that annoying lag when updating 2 apps at the same time)
* added 1080p playback optimization
* Increased GPU memory
* increased overall L2 frequencies, were bottlenecking
* included call rec support, yeah that's right, you can record calls now!
* Improved WIFI - WLAN detection

Koda: Izberi vse
***** v1.6 *****
/* Help me! */
Detailed changelog follows... Too tired now :P
All changes up until Sense 1.6b4 present.

***** v1.4 *****
/* I'm different! */
* Drastically increased UI performance (higher oc)
* Drastically increased battery life (introducing better graphics scaling)
* increased responsiveness
* increased native write speed
* Smaller kernel size (better compression)
* the usual amount of tweaks and fixes
* this fixes the small keyboard size as seen in v1.4test
msm: overlay: Reverted the last update. This was causing the keyboard to "shrunk"
msm: kgsl: 8Stages 3D scaling, highest @ 300Mhz (fraction 33)
msm: kgsl: 6stages 2D scaling, highest @ 266,7Mhz, 33,35% Overclocked (fraction 100)
msm: kgsl: GPU off while screen off!
msm: kgsl: improved KGSL suspend
smp: improved CPU hotplug
cpufreq: max OC risen up to 1914Mhz
cpufreq: cleaned ACPU table
mm: adjust vm ratios increase swappiness by 50% decrease dirty_ratio by 50%
mm: increase readahead buffer
msm: scm: Cleanup interruption handling
msm: scm: Mark inline asm as volatile
msm: scm: Fix incorrect cache invalidation
msm: scm: Fix incorrect cache invalidation part 2
msm: scm: Add atomic SCM APIs
arm: Ignore certain memory optimizations on MSM8x60
ARM: Factor out common code from cpu_proc_fin()
proc-v7.S : Fix MMU disabling in cpu_v7_reset
ARM: 6535/1: V6 MPCore v6_dma_inv_range and v6_dma_flush_range RWFO fix
ARM: 6398/1: add proc info for ARM11MPCore/Cortex-A9 from ARM
ARM: 6380/1: Introduce __sync_icache_dcache() for VIPT caches
ARM: 6528/1: Use CTR for the I-cache line size on ARMv7
ARM: Improve the L2 cache performance when PL310 is used
msm: kgsl: Use the correct virtual address for pmem regions
msm: kgsl: Delay 30ms to make sure GPU is ready during resume time
msm: kgsl: Update pwrlevel_change
msm: kgsl: Add sysfs attribute to turn GPU DCVS off/on
kernel: Add XZ compression (orig: mdeejay, fixed for O2)
decompress: removed deprecated  error function
rcu: priority boosting for TINY_PREEMPT_RCU
hash: The new jhash implementation
ext2: speed up file creates by optimizing rec_len functions
ext3: speed up file creates by optimizing rec_len functions
ext3: Add batched discard support for ext3
dm io: remove BIO_RW_SYNCIO flag from kcopyd
dm kcopyd: delay unplugging
compile & compatibility fixes
***** v1.3r3 *****
Are you still there? Hibernating...
Changes from v1.3r2:
* Higher Wifi voltage (should fix MIUI service bugs)
* Cleaned ACPU table
* KGSL changes to improve suspend
* no reboots anymore afaik


Flasha se v recovery.


Če karkoli downloadaš in uporabljaš si vzemi sekundo časa in pritisni gumb hvala. Toliko, da vem, da ni moj trud zaman ;) HVALA

AOSP v1.6


Vrni se na Sensation/XE

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